About Us

Mr Hannes Smit founded Mini Blasters in 1978. The Company committed itself from the beginning to do safe cost effective surface blasting, open cast blasting and controlled demolitions. Mini Blasters became the first South African based Company to enter the implosion of buildings and the demolition sector of controlled explosive blasting.

Mini Blasters have a vast amount of experience in blasting swimming pool excavations, building foundations road cuttings and blasting of structures and steel where the use of controlled explosives is necessary. We have also been doing open cast mining since 1980, and rock breaking by means of chemicals where blasting is not viable can also be performed by us.

Mini Blasters selects the best solution for each project and create the best blast design for each project sometimes resulting in creating new techniques to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible.

Mr. Smit’s Son,  Hendrik  Smit  joined the family business in 1997  expanding the company’s abilities